November 23, 2013


Oh hi!
It's been ages since my latepost. Hell-yeah, i'm a freshman in first semester of college-damn-thing. It's officially now. But, i'm not so proud of myself, because of being failed into the other where i really-really wanted. Well hey, i'm alive.

Not-so-in-a-good-mood to write a long one, because i've been so busy with the keyboard and the laptop, been busy to grow my hair - so here's the song that snuggle in my head for weeks! It's random, like a shuffle-program, and it's odd because the genre is totally unpairable (whaaat). Hope y'all enjoy what i shared here :

The Beatles - Help from My Friends
AKB48 (Future Girls) - Suitei Marmalade
Brian McKnight - Marry Your Daughter
She & Him - Lingering Still
SKE48 - Sansei Kawaii
Tulus - Jatuh Cinta
Paul Mccartney - Sacred
Not Yet - Moshimi, te wo tsunaida itara
The Beatles - Chains
The Ghost of Saber Tooth Tiger - Lavender Road
Sean Lennon - Dead Meat
The Bee Gees - I Started A Joke
Taylor Swift - Begin Again
Queen - Don't Stop Me Now
Pixie Lott - Catching Snowflakes
Frank Sinatra - Girl from Ipanema
George Harrison - Here Comes the Moon
The Wonders - That Thing You Do

Did i mention The Beatles twice? How could i left 'em?

Say hi to freshman! Because being old is sucks! YOLO!

February 26, 2013


thinking of a few time before leave
everything seems so astonishing 
the worst part being away is ...
you couldn't be able to back in time

January 08, 2013

am I gonna miss this?

i like this pics a lot . just the same portion with the music they made .
i love them .. i wish i could found someone who had the same passion and vision with me ,
someone who i could share job with

Cool is , i'm gonna leave all of this shit . Cool-shit , i guess . I still remember how miserable i am for the couple months . First of all , it always hard when you'd just fit in and you must leave for your own decision . Honestly , leaving is always be the hardest part of ours, right? Second of all , i'm not really into something i made by myself . Kinda lost my mind , being frankly , one of reason i could bear is the fact that someone took over me and my future , and unfortunately *sigh* i chose to follow it ..

Okay , past is over , and i'm not get used to take them in front again . So! What the actual news? I'm going to apply college this year , which means i'm a bit older , which is i don't care about it . The best thing is my parents gave all decisions as mine and will take everything i want . So true ... So cool :)
And how about Jakarta? How about my current-creepy-job? Yeah , having job in this age was cool , making money is obviously-tiring-but-crazily-fun , but i do really care about my school and making money could be settled again after i graduate . So , yeah , resign is cool way , which will i give to my-honored-fucking-handsome-boss right with my schedule , on February 14th a.k.a. Valentine's Day! Wait , wait , is there any plan behind it? Why valentine? Why not other? Why not zoidberg? *blam* okay guys , there's nothing hideous in this plan , it's pure , originally , and emotionally out from any bad thing you have imagined . So - keep out .. I'm good on this ..

So the question is , am i gonna miss this stuff? Should i give shit bout them? Should i drop and forget all of this without remembering any pieces i've done here? I don't think so . I'm not the kind of person who literally drop anything into trash and talking like shit bout them , ain't nobody got time for that . Things are came up with their own way . They're bad , good , fucked-me-up , funny , embarassing maybe .. And they're become Unforgettable Stuff . Awkwardly , something you hate a thing when you had to choose to leave them , it turns out unforgettable . It's cool , it's awesome .. It makes you had no great words to describe them *sigh
Many things happened here , i made some of friends too , and i couldn't bear say goodbye if may be- i had to ..
Thanks btw ..

December 14, 2012

why we need to talk about it?

And in my hour of darkness she is standing right in front of meSpeaking words of wisdom, let it be - the Beatles . Let It Be

and why we should talk about it? if they're completely drowned us into darkness
all of those sickness comes only on your head . they're spinning around your head .
violate the butterflies in your stomach , scare your throat , sucks deeply
and you don't seems to fell hurt anymore ~

November 02, 2012

early november

hello .
i'm not busy at all , but for godsake my over-lazy-syndrome strikes again . in latest post i'm just post some of pics , right? hellyeah , i'm too lazy to share my story (:

for that pics above , i got it from tumblr . first time i saw , it's so cute , and i know i'm not that kind of girl who always say cute over million-picture , but those are the exception . haha . yeah , holding hand . i forgot when last time someone holds mine ): haha , i'm kidding . i'm not gonna take you into my sad story again , those are over , totally over . let's talk about those pics again ..
bear ? yeah bear . maybe they're still in honeymoon-phase (wtf , you think , tak!?) okay , focus ..
first of all , it's kinda racism . why? as you can see , they're black and white , but they're holding hand (what the fuck with holding hand , tak?! omg!)
okay stop , i have no idea what i'm supposed to write . but i'll give you awkward-quote , i invented this by myself , trust me  :
those are who uneducated : act like a wiseman , stabs behind .
happy november . they say November Rain , but unfortunately , South Jakarta forget to introduce itself to cloud . Bye haha