February 06, 2015


January 28, 2015

3 : 29 PM

been decade/
early morning, awake as zombie/
lots of thought/
how is it possible to continue torturing myself by pretending/
how is it possible to fake human being emotionality/
so i heard i'm not good at all/
not as he wanted or found/
nor as cheeky and normal/
why did you even care/
favorite kind of word/
so what do you want/
what i want/
try harder/
try simpler way/
try even more/
goddammit, just try/
no, not that simple/
you know sleeping is hard to do/
crossing someone's dream/
while he's sleeping with cats/
and dreaming another cat/
while meow-ing around the streets/
and i leave them happily/
like a professional stalker/
leaving no mark, no love, no single-tap/
how is it possible to keep going on a path you didnt even want it/
how could you pretend to be happy/
why is it hard to be real/
why is it?/

November 23, 2013


Oh hi!
It's been ages since my latepost. Hell-yeah, i'm a freshman in first semester of college-damn-thing. It's officially now. But, i'm not so proud of myself, because of being failed into the other where i really-really wanted. Well hey, i'm alive.

Not-so-in-a-good-mood to write a long one, because i've been so busy with the keyboard and the laptop, been busy to grow my hair - so here's the song that snuggle in my head for weeks! It's random, like a shuffle-program, and it's odd because the genre is totally unpairable (whaaat). Hope y'all enjoy what i shared here :

The Beatles - Help from My Friends
AKB48 (Future Girls) - Suitei Marmalade
Brian McKnight - Marry Your Daughter
She & Him - Lingering Still
SKE48 - Sansei Kawaii
Tulus - Jatuh Cinta
Paul Mccartney - Sacred
Not Yet - Moshimi, te wo tsunaida itara
The Beatles - Chains
The Ghost of Saber Tooth Tiger - Lavender Road
Sean Lennon - Dead Meat
The Bee Gees - I Started A Joke
Taylor Swift - Begin Again
Queen - Don't Stop Me Now
Pixie Lott - Catching Snowflakes
Frank Sinatra - Girl from Ipanema
George Harrison - Here Comes the Moon
The Wonders - That Thing You Do

Did i mention The Beatles twice? How could i left 'em?

Say hi to freshman! Because being old is sucks! YOLO!

February 26, 2013


thinking of a few time before leave
everything seems so astonishing 
the worst part being away is ...
you couldn't be able to back in time

January 08, 2013

am I gonna miss this?

i like this pics a lot . just the same portion with the music they made .
i love them .. i wish i could found someone who had the same passion and vision with me ,
someone who i could share job with

Cool is , i'm gonna leave all of this shit . Cool-shit , i guess . I still remember how miserable i am for the couple months . First of all , it always hard when you'd just fit in and you must leave for your own decision . Honestly , leaving is always be the hardest part of ours, right? Second of all , i'm not really into something i made by myself . Kinda lost my mind , being frankly , one of reason i could bear is the fact that someone took over me and my future , and unfortunately *sigh* i chose to follow it ..

Okay , past is over , and i'm not get used to take them in front again . So! What the actual news? I'm going to apply college this year , which means i'm a bit older , which is i don't care about it . The best thing is my parents gave all decisions as mine and will take everything i want . So true ... So cool :)
And how about Jakarta? How about my current-creepy-job? Yeah , having job in this age was cool , making money is obviously-tiring-but-crazily-fun , but i do really care about my school and making money could be settled again after i graduate . So , yeah , resign is cool way , which will i give to my-honored-fucking-handsome-boss right with my schedule , on February 14th a.k.a. Valentine's Day! Wait , wait , is there any plan behind it? Why valentine? Why not other? Why not zoidberg? *blam* okay guys , there's nothing hideous in this plan , it's pure , originally , and emotionally out from any bad thing you have imagined . So - keep out .. I'm good on this ..

So the question is , am i gonna miss this stuff? Should i give shit bout them? Should i drop and forget all of this without remembering any pieces i've done here? I don't think so . I'm not the kind of person who literally drop anything into trash and talking like shit bout them , ain't nobody got time for that . Things are came up with their own way . They're bad , good , fucked-me-up , funny , embarassing maybe .. And they're become Unforgettable Stuff . Awkwardly , something you hate a thing when you had to choose to leave them , it turns out unforgettable . It's cool , it's awesome .. It makes you had no great words to describe them *sigh
Many things happened here , i made some of friends too , and i couldn't bear say goodbye if may be- i had to ..
Thanks btw ..